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The latest development out of the Google ideas factory is a bit of a surprise - I had not even heard rumours about this one!

They have developed a system similar to Adwords, but where sites can be paid for running single question consumer surveys on their sites. Sites can use this system as a form of 'paywall', only allowing access to premium content after you have completed a survey. It's a great way of monetising traffic to a site as it is likely to have a much higher payment conversion rate than standard on screen ads.

For brands or any company looking to gain valuable intelligence, this offers a really cheap way to get valuable consumer insight. It looks like you are limited to a single question per visitor, and from the layout it will have to be fairly simple, although pictures are allowed.

The big advantage is that it will allow you to ask questions of a wide cross-section of the population, and looks like it will be easier to set-up and administer than alternatives like paper or email surveys.

You can see more information on the Official Google Consumer Surveys guide.

Sample Survey Question

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